The Best Things to Do in St. Thomas

Visiting St. Thomas is a bucket list destination! Whether you’ve been here before or you’re making this your first visit to the USVI, this is your ultimate list of things to do during your vacation to St. Thomas.


This might seem obvious; however, did you know that St. Thomas is home to forty beaches? There are so many locations where you can find a quiet slice of sand to enjoy your beach vacation or snorkel with turtles and tropical fishes.

Whether you’re looking for a vibrant and fun beach, like Coki Point Beach, or want to escape the crowds over at Lindquist, be sure that you take advantage and visit more than one beach during your St. Thomas vacation.


One of the best ways to experience St. Thomas is by being outside. What better way to connect to your surroundings than walking through lush nature? I can’t think of many. From challenging to simple, the hiking on St. Thomas is pure and calming.

Find popular hikes, such as Mermaid’s Chair Trail, which will guide you to where the Atlantic and Caribbean Oceans kiss. Santa Maria Beach Path will walk you down to a hidden beach which is a perfect way to escape the crowds. Hiking isn’t limited here on St. Thomas so get out there and explore this beautiful island!


If you’re staying in St. Thomas, a day trip over to St. John is more than possible, it’s easy! It’s also one of the best perks when you choose to stay on St. Thomas, why not see two islands during your vacation? Even if you have rented a vehicle, you can still manage to get your rental over to St. John.

Start planning your trip to St. John on the ferry by choosing if you will be taking the car barge or passenger ferry. If you have decided to use the passenger ferry to St. John, know that you will walk off to patient taxi drivers ready to transport you to any destination on that island. You can usually grab a taxi to one of St. John’s popular beaches, such as Maho Bay, for around $20 in one direction.


From souvenir shopping to grabbing a hookah at The Pelican Shop, don’t miss Charlotte Amalie, the USVI’s capital. This beautiful area of St. Thomas is also known as Downtown or Town. Find historical sites and structures, such as the oldest Synagogue under the American flag. Or, if you’re a history buff you will love the museum and tours from the St. Thomas Historical Trust.

After lunch in town, we love Glady’s Cafe and Stone House Cafe, cross the street, and walk the stunning waterfront of St. Thomas. This walk showcases the seaplanes landing in the harbor, Charlotte Amalie, and even cruise ships on the right day. If you’re looking for exercise, look no further, this walk will clock you, just over, a cool half mile, in one direction.


An all-around favorite way to see St. Thomas on the water is in a boat! From a relaxing charted experience with Sail Meow to manning your own vessel with Ocean Runner Bareboat Rental, you are bound to have one of the best days of your vacation.

There is a variety of ways to be on the water if boats aren’t for you. For instance, kayak and snorkeling tours are available from Virgin Island Ecotours and you can even visit an aqua park located on Emerald Beach. Furthermore, grabbing a SUP rental is fairly easy in St. Thomas, check out the Yak Shack at Magens Bay Beach.


An island tour of St. Thomas might be your best investment yet. Depending on the tour you choose, this is a great way to learn more about St. Thomas’s history, beaches, and our ecosystem. The best part is that tours on St. Thomas come in different forms, which means there is bound to be one for you!

Perhaps you want an adventurous tour of the island, look no further than Sunfari. Looking for some AC and relaxation, then you’ll love a private tour from Ambassadorial Taxi, tours, and Limousine. Even if you have a taxi driver planned for your vacation in St. Thomas, but sure to ask if they offer any tours. You won’t be disappointed!


This might seem silly to some, however, St. Thomas offers unobstructed views in just about every direction, if you know the correct spots to stop at. If you’re in a rental vehicle during your stay, this is an easy adventure that will also allow you to truly see this beautiful island. Check out Tripadvisor’s list of The 5 Best St. Thomas Lookouts.


Come to an island to adopt a PET? Yes, please. The Humane Society of St. Thomas is in a constant battle to rehome thousands of animals each year. If you’re a regular visitor to St. Thomas, you’ll know that this island struggles with an overabundance of mistreated and stray animals. So, if you’re in the market for welcoming an animal into your home and life, then please consider adopting it here.

If you’re just an animal lover and want to help, you can. It’s easier than you think. Pets with Wings is a program designed to help these animals find their forever home off St. Thomas. It’s an easy process with minimal work on your end. And even if pets aren’t for you, there are still ways to help. Consider making a donation, volunteering for a day, or visiting the Paws to Care Thrift Store.

island dog


And, what a treat this will be. If you have never had the experience of dining with a private chef, you are missing out. Whether your vacation is romantic or filled with friendship and fun, this is an experience you will never forget. This experience brings the restaurant to your vacation rental, just be sure to communicate with your host beforehand.

Our favorite and most requested private chef on St. Thomas is Y.U.M. VI Catering. Chef La’Mor specializes in locally sourced ingredients and old-fashioned techniques to create home-cooked meals that are delicious, full of flavor, and oh-so-satisfying.


One of the best ways to bring St. Thomas home with you is art from local St. Thomas, or Caribbean, artisans. Art is always a beautiful way to remember your time in a special place. St. Thomas offers a small, but powerful art community you don’t want to miss. Make sure to follow along with Mango Tango Art Gallery, 81C, and the Virgin Islands Council on the Arts. Art and Soul is the newest addition to St, Thomas galleries, find them in AH Riise Mall, downtown.