How To Spend a Day on the Water in St. Thomas

Spending a day on the Caribbean Ocean will leave you feeling connected to nature, and relaxed, and, it might even be your vacation highlight. This may seem a daunting adventure to arrange, however, it’s easier than you think. The steps shared below will help guide you to finding the right vessel and how to make this one of the best days of your vacation in St. Thomas.

On The Water, St. Thomas, USVI

On The Water, St. Thomas, USVI


This might seem obvious, but choosing the correct vessel to be on is important. For instance, if you are visiting St. Thomas on a romantic honeymoon, chances are you may not want to be around a boat full of snorkeling children, or a charter full of college students on spring break. You’ll likely want to be on a private charter offering a quiet escape with a sunset and champagne toast.

Take some time to look up different charting companies with an internet search. Look at reviews, call and ask questions, and most importantly, ensure and establish clear and consistent communication between you and the charter company or Captain of the vessel.

If you are staying in a vacation rental, chances are your property manager or host has some wonderful recommendations. Take those suggestions seriously as they likely have experienced that specific service for themselves and enjoyed their time.


This is quite easy to figure out. It all comes down to pricing. If you are seeing an advertised charter for one person and it’s under, or around, $100, chances are this is a group charter experience. If you are seeing a different ad for a charter experience and it’s over $800, this is likely a private chartered boat.

A group charter happens to be a great way to experience St. Thomas on the water, especially if you’re on a budget or if you want a quicker experience. Group vessels are often larger and can accommodate many guests. These group charters can offer experiences such as a five-hour snorkeling adventure, a BVI day trip, or a sunset sail with a champagne toast.

A private charter is the ultimate way to spend a day on the water. This a great experience to apply when you’re with a large group of family or friends, especially because a private charter boat is priced on the higher end. With a group of ten, this is an affordable, fun, relaxing day with your favorite people. We love spending a private day on the water with Sail Meow or Ocean Runner.

American Yacht Harbor, St. Thomas, USVI

American Yacht Harbor, St. Thomas, USVI


Now that you have your group or private charter booked, here is what you need to know.

  1. Read the FAQs about your outing, read about your day in advance, and be prepared.
  2. Determine what you need to bring and what the charter provides.
  3. Secure the location of the vessel, the meeting time, and any additional fees required, such as tips for the crew.
  4. Be available for any communication from the charter company and Captain.

Here is a general list of items that will be helpful for you to take on your charter with you.

  1. Reef-safe sunblock, sunglasses, and a hat
  2. Beach towel and protective clothing
  3. Snacks and plenty of water
  4. Waterproof bag for all of the above personal items.

Sunset Charter, St. Thomas, USVI


When your day, or night, on the water arrives, get ready for one of the most exciting experiences of your life! It’s always a good attitude to stay calm, listen to the boat crew, and most importantly respect your Captain, crew, and vessel. Oh, and please don’t forget to leave a cash tip, 20% is the industry standard.