Holiday Gift Guide for Beach Lovers

Any beach lover, and enthusiast, will tell you that St. Thomas has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world! We agree! With over-forty beaches in St. Thomas alone, we know what beach lovers need and want for gifts.

Being a professional beach bum comes with lots of experience in the sand. Our gift guide will also be a packable version as an added bonus. After all, you can’t get to St. Thomas, USVI without packing!

Here is a roundup of the best holiday gifts for the beach lover in your life.

1. Inflatable Air Lounger – Comfortable and portable air loungers are a perfect beach gift. These packable loungers are lightweight and built to collapse down. One lounger will easily fit into your beach bag.

2. Beach Bag – The perfect double-duty bag is a beach bag! Not only can you use your bag for a day in the sun, but this is also an ideal item to use as a carry-on bag for your travels. Mesh beach bags are especially nice as they allow sand to fall through.

3. Beach Games – Any beachgoer knows this is a must! A beach day is incomplete unless you have a game or two on the sand. These are the perfect gifts as they come complete in their own small travel bag, easy to pack!

4. Water Bottle – Always a perfect companion for traveling and who doesn’t need a special one, just for the beach? Easy to pack and lightweight, a perfect gift!

5. Hammock – The ultimate beachgoer gift! Elevate the beach lover in your life. A hammock is the perfect way to nap or read on the beach. It’s also easy to pack and, it’s usable away from the beach.

6. Solar Cellphone Charger – The perfect beach accessory for the friend who can’t leave without their phone. Never be without a charge on vacation beach days!

7. UPF Sun Protection Clothing – Extra protective clothing is never a bad idea, especially in the USVI. Long days at the beach can require cooling off and blocking the sun, this is a perfect way to keep the sunburn away.

8. Beach Blanket – It might be the best beach companion yet. Even with chairs, it’s always nice to have an extra cover to keep sand at the beach. This is a perfect beach blanket as it has its own bag making it easy for travel and for other outdoor activities.

9. Quick Drying Beach Towel – A quick dry towel is a genius gift for any beach lover. Add a self-containing feature and you have the perfect beach towel! Perfect to pack, for any adventure.

10. Portable Blue Tooth Speaker – A perfect gift for just about anyone, but especially for a beach lover. Being at the beach relaxing with good tunes is a must, especially with family or a group of friends.


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